The Fiji Islands

The Fiji Islands are a tropical South Pacific paradise unequaled in its ability to provide a relaxing environment with a choice of activities for those who desire them. There is a wide variety of activities including world-class diving, snorkeling, fishing, hiking and visits to local villages and waterfalls.  But the most wonderful activity in Fiji is doing nothing at all; just soaking up the warmth, tranquility and friendliness of the people and a land that are unspoiled and uncrowded.

Fiji is a place that is made for escaping the hectic pace of today’s demanding world. Recognized as “The friendliest people in the world” in an international poll, the Fijian people live as they have for centuries. They retain their ancient traditions and live a simple lifestyle supported by the harvest of a generous land and a bountiful sea. You’re a better person in Fiji. It won’t be long before you’re wearing a native “sulu” (sarong) to dinner with a flower behind your ear and drinking “kava” with the staff after dinner. 

“Old married couples” hold hands when they walk on the beach here, it’s just that kind of place.

Deluxe Bure

Why Fiji?

Mr. Australia is a huge fan of Fiji, for many reasons. Fijian resorts offer trained, professional staffs and modern conveniences but they do it in a very friendly and welcoming way. Let’s look at Fiji and Tahiti: 

TAHITI: A few large islands with several, large resorts on each island. 
FIJI:  Many, small islands with one small resort on each island. Some have just 20 bures. 

TAHITI: Primarily a French-speaking destination
FIJI: As a former British possession, Fiji is English speaking

TAHITI: One of the most expensive destinations in the world, about $200 per day for meal plans, per person. 
FIJI: Food (and beverages!) cost less than half of what they do in Tahiti and there are great resorts in a wide range of prices, from moderate to super deluxe. 

Finally: The resorts each cater to specific clients. Some are great for families, others don’t allow children. And yes, there over-water bures (bungalows) in Fiji at the Likuliku Resort.

Snorkeling, Fiji

Which Island,
Which Resort?

With so many islands and resorts to choose from, it is VERY important that you have expert help when it comes to selecting the one that is just right for you.  Large or small, deluxe or casual, fun or romantic, exclusive or affordable, Mr. Australia will help you pick the perfect spot for your getaway. He’s visited dozens of them.

You can get relatively inexpensive hotel rooms in big resorts on the "main" island of Viti Levu but the beaches aren't good, the resorts are larger and you stay in hotel rooms. Most of Mr. Australia’s clients prefer to go to the smaller island resorts. These offer great beaches, small numbers of people, your own "bure" (bungalow), and a real Fijian experience. These range from about $350 per night up to $1500 and up. 

Getting There:
There are non-stop flights between Los Angeles and Fiji almost every day of the week. You can also stop in Fiji on the way to or from Australia or New Zealand.

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