Why Visit Australia?

Friendly locals

Australia is a fun, fascinating, and beautiful place. It is a big country that offers many different areas to visit & things to see and do. The key to a great trip is to match your interests with these experiences.  Doing that requires in-depth knowledge and experience and that’s where Mr. Australia comes in. It’s my job to work with you to design the best possible trip – just for you – including all of the things that you want to see and do and not wasting your time on any that you don’t.  Or as I like to say, “I make dreams come true.”

Australia is a safe, English-speaking country  – though they do have an accent and use some funny words. Everything is up to date. Their dollars and cents currency is easy to use and your phone and devices will work there! The people are friendly and welcoming to visitors from The States. 

Jacaranda trees blooming in First Fleet Park, The Rocks.

Here is a brief, general list of the things that I love about visiting Australia and that my clients have enjoyed over the years.

The People: Australia’s greatest natural asset is her people. Australians are known for their love of life and their genuine hospitality to visitors. They are easy to talk to and fiercely proud of their country. The more interaction you have with them the more you will get out of your visit and the more fun it will be. It’s that simple.

Natural Beauty:  There are currently 19 United Nations UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Australia. These include islands, mountains, tropical and temperate rainforests, national parks and historic (and prehistoric) sites – just to name a few.  Ranging from the tropical north to the arid central deserts and everything in between, Australia truly has it all.

Unique Wildlife:  Isolated as it has been for millennia, Australia is home to countless species of mammals, marsupials, birds, fish, and reptiles that are found nowhere else in the world.  These can be seen in the many excellent zoos, wildlife parks, and preserves. Or Mr. Australia can arrange for you to see them in the wild on day trips, even from major cities.

Cities:  Australia’s modern sparkling cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Perth offer bustling cityscapes and world-class dining, shopping, sightseeing, museums, and botanical gardens.

Sun rising over Sydney Harbour and Circular Quay, Sydney.

Wine and Food: No longer the land of just beer, meat pies, and sausages on the grill (though they are good), Australia is now a hotbed of creative cooking with many well-regarded chefs and restaurants. Also, Australia’s immigrant population provides an array of cuisines from around the world.  The craft beer revolution is alive and well in Australia and world-class wine regions are easily visited on day trips from Sydney, Melbourne,  Adelaide, and Perth. 

Indigenous Culture: The Aboriginal peoples of Australia have been there for some 50,000 years. Scattered around the huge continent, their lifestyles are as varied as the areas in which they live. Fascinating experiences are available for those interested in their culture and history.

Accommodation: Australia offers a wide range of accommodations from clean, comfortable tourist class hotels to unique, ultra-deluxe luxury lodges in amazing settings. Mr. Australia works with his clients to make sure that they stay in the right place everywhere that they go.

Getting There: Despite what you may have heard, Sydney is a nonstop 14-hour flight from Los Angeles. Flights depart at night so you can enjoy dinner, a drink or two, free movies and other entertainment then get some sleep before your morning arrival. (other gateway cities in the US and Australia are also available)

Getting around: While areas of interest tend to be widely spaced around the country, they are connected by frequent and affordable flights on quality airlines like Qantas and Virgin Australia.

For a list of great places to go and things to do in Australia, click on the Australia page of the Mr. Australia website (www.mraustralia.net). But remember, there is MUCH more.

When you are ready to explore “the land down under,” contact Mr. Australia to start planning the trip of a lifetime!